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Pro Tools Model 105B "The Brute"

When it comes to pipe bending equipment, "THE BRUTE" simply cannot be beat. This heavy duty tube bender is designed to effortlessly handle upto 2 1/2" tubing and 2" schedule 40 pipe without breaking a sweat. It's durability and capacity are second to none in the industry. If you need a heavy duty machine that can handle all of your pipe bending needs regardless of your industry or business, then "THE BRUTE" is just what you have been looking for.

picute of the Brute

This machine is designed to bend from 3/4" - 2 1/2" O.D. at a price you can afford
Part# 105B Cost $2,699.95
(Includes Bender, Degree Ring, Stand, and Hyd. Brackets)

picture of stoke hydraulic cylinder

"THE BRUTE" also includes a 15 ton 16" Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder.

We carry two different pumps that work with "THE BRUTE"

picture of air pump

This is our Industrial Level air over hydraulic pump. The unit is assembled, bled and, pressure checked, puts out approx. 10 cu. in. of oil per minute. It has a one year warranty, and can be rebuilt if it ever needs it. This unit extends and retracts much faster than the entry level pump. Air requirement is also 125 lbs of pressure to develop full power, and designed to work all day every day.
Part # PA6 Cost $469.95

picture of 4,000psi pressure system

The SPX-175 4,000 PSI 110 volt Hi Volume/Low Pressure System
Part # SPX-175 Cost $1,099.95