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Gulley Performance Center offers Tap Guides. The tap guides by Big Gator Tools help you start threaded holes straight. A tap guide accurately guides hand tapped threads on the inside of a hole to accept a machine screw or bolt. If you start every hole straight, it will help prevent tap breakage and increase the tap life. The tap guide (also known as a tap block or tap jig) can also be used to restore an internal thread that has been damaged or to cut a new, larger thread in the case of severe damage or stripping.

These tap guides by Big Gator Tools, called V-TapGuides come in 2 sizes: Standard or Metric. We also have STI (Screw Thread Inserts) V-TapGuide is made to guide oversized ground threaded taps made for the outside diameter for the screw threaded inserts needed for the called out bolt size. Standard taps will not work with the STI V-Tapguides. The STI V-TapGuide is offered in Coarse or Fine Thread Sizes.

All V-TapGuides guides have a Lifetime Warranty and are 100% USA made.

image of Standard V-TapGuide®
Standard V-TapGuide®


image of Metric V-TapGuide®
Metric V-TapGuide®


image of STI-UNC V-TapGuide®
STI-UNC V-TapGuide®


image of STI-UNF V-TapGuide®
STI-UNF V-TapGuide®