Gulley Performance Center

2604 Fort Henry Dr. Kingsport, TN. 37664
Call for information 423-247-2271

Model T45-14 Iron Worker


  • Manual punch aligner
  • 6" open throat punch has 45-ton capacity
  • 14" bar shear with 4-sided blades
  • Bar shear hold-down can be fixed or adjustable
  • Variable stroke control
  • Built for forklift handling
  • Magnetic starter for safety and reliability

image of T45-14 Iron Worker

Punch Station

  • Square Notcher
  • Coper Notcher
  • Pipe Notcher
  • 6" Brake

Power Cavity

  • Square Notcher
  • Coper Notcher
  • Angle Shear
  • Z & T Shear
  • Channel Shear
  • Brake: 6 or 9"
  • Rod Shear (Round or Square)


  • Punch nut wrench for L series punch nut
  • Punch rack holds up to 20 sets of L Series Punches and Dies (requires optional safety tower)
  • Punch table with adjustable jig for high production with accuracy
  • Bar shear stop for production shearing
  • Grease bank allows lubricating without removing machine covers
  • Steel Bin for collecting steel dropping from bar shear
  • Oversize stripper for punching over 1-3/8" round
  • Offset die stand for punching close to the web on angle iron
  • Bar shear table extends the table from 3" to 12"
  • Oversize die stand for punching over 1-3/8" round *
  • * Specify type and thickness of material to be punched