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High Power Metalshaping Workshop

Craig Naff is one of the top metalworkers in the nation, with milestone projects such as Cadzilla, The Smoothster, SmoothNess, and The Golden Submarine to his credit. This program was shot during a workshop, where Craig demonstrated the fastest techniques known for shaping custom sheet metal panels. You'll see how the Yoder Power Hammer, the Eckold machine, the Pullmax, and the Planishing Hammer each have a role in rapidly and accurately shaping metal. You'll watch Craig make the two most difficult sections of a 1932 Ford front fender, explaining why he selects each machine, and how his customized tooling enables him to move the metal rapidly and efficiently. If you want to speed your own metal shaping, or just see a master at the top of his game, this program is a treasure!

Run time 85 minutes.


image of High Power Metalshaping Workshop dvd