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MetalAce 44F English Wheel

The Metal Ace 44F English Wheel is mounted on heavy duty casters for easy moving to the work site or to a storage area when not in use. The sturdy welded frame now has extra gussets in the throat and a redesigned anvil tray to hold each anvil on its included axle. Frame is powder coated for long life and easy cleaning. Anvil yoke has a quick release to allow changing different radius anvils while keeping the same pressure. Yoke also has adjustments to true the anvil with the upper wheel. With the 44" throat roof panels, door skins, fenders, large patch panels, to small patch panels can be shaped. Six 3" wide X 3" dia. anvil wheels ( 2.5", 3.75", 6.00", 12.00", 24" radius, flat) and an 8" dia. upper wheel are included with the wheel. Lower anvils are now made of 4140HT steel. Wheel has a 16 ga. mild steel and a 1/8" aluminum capacity. The Metal Ace English Wheel is made in the USA.

44F English Wheel Specifications

  • Height: 73"
  • Width: 59"
  • Standard working height: 48"
  • Base: 32 3/4" x 38"
  • Throat: 44"
  • Weight: approximately 450 lbs
  • Upper wheel: 8" dia. x 3" wide 1045 alloy steel billet, polished to a smooth 63 finish.
  • Anvil wheels: six wheels made from 4140HT alloy steel, 3" wide x 3" dia., radii: 2.50 R, 3.75 R, 6.00 R, 12.00 R, 24.00 R and Flat.

44F Capabilities

  • Capacity of 16 gauge steel and up 1/8" aluminum
  • Features can be rolled into the center of an 88" panel
  • Also features storage for the anvil wheels
  • Screw lift assembly has a quick-release cam mechanism that lowers the anvil yoke with a 90-degree rotation of the control handle. When rotated back to operating position, the original pressure setting is re-established
  • Anvil yoke is adjustable on both sides of the axle support with thumb screws so the anvil wheel can be trued with the upper wheel

image of model 44F

Ships from Manufacturer Ship Weight: 450 lbs

44F Assembled Wheel (p/n MA44F). $2,995.00