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About Us

Who is Jerry Gulley?

Jerry Gulley got his first performance automotive experience in the 1960's doing engine swaps in his home shop. Starting in 1960, he worked in a heavy metal production shop, doing layout and fabrication on pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and other manufacturing equipment. He became a certified welder, doing Stick, MIG, and TIG welding on mild and stainless steel, plus exotic alloys such as Hastelloy.

During this time he was active in drag racing - starting with a Corvette, and graduating to building and driving Altereds and alcohol funny cars . He also did tune-ups, built drag cars for other people, and sold speed equipment on the side.

Jerry retired from the fabrication shop in 1999, and got into tool sales. This was a natural progression for him, since his on-the-job training taught him what does and doesn't work, and the value of using top-quality tools and equipment.

Gulley Performance travels to more than a dozen shows in a typical season, selling a select line of metal shaping and fabrication tools, and ancillary products like training DVDs, detailing products, and abrasives. Jerry's friendly, personal style and focus on customer satisfaction keep his old customers returning year after year, and new customers are constantly drawn to his ever-expanding line of high-quality products.

Be sure to check out Jerry's display whenever he sets up at a show near to you!