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Slicing and Dicing

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Gulley Performance Center offers the Ron Covell SKU-1000-27 Slicing and Dicing. Watch Ron Covell make traditional modifications on two different grille shells; he chops a 1932 Ford shell 2 1/2 inches, and narrows a 1929 shell 5 inches. Ron shows how being creative with the layout of the cuts can ease your work tremendously, and he shows how to make each cut with precision. You'll learn the importance of proper joint preparation, and you'll see in depth treatment of tack welding, finish welding, hammer and dolly work, and the final steps needed to smooth the welds to perfection. These same techniques will apply to many other metalworking projects, and Ron's clear and detailed descriptions are easy to follow. The tight close up photography shows each step in striking detail, and Ron imparts a wealth of knowledge about the fine points of doing top quality metalworking! Run time 34 minutes.


Part # SKU-1000-27

Price $20.00