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Nibbler TruTool N 500

image of Trumpf Tools Nibbler TruTool N 500


The TruTool N 500 offers unique versatility. Since you can cut in four directions, even backwards, you can dismantle tanks and containers, and process coils and workpieces with bends of up to 90°. The machine is also well-suited to cutting high-tensile materials. The optimal weight/performance ratio of 8.8 lbs. against a sheet thickness of 0.2 in. is particularly impressive.


The machine can be turned through 360° in 4 steps of 90°.

Ideal for work in hard-to-reach areas, for cuts across edges and weld seams.

You work without feed force and, therefore, required force is reduced to a minimum.

Capacity: 3/16 mild steel / 1/4 aluminum / 8 ga. stainless

Perfect for processing stainless steel

The TruTool N 500 is well-suited to cutting high-tensile materials. Specifically designed punches and dies ensure perfect cuts.

Part # N-500

Price $3100.00