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Carif Doule Miter 260 BSA

image of Band Saw Carif Doule Miter 260 BSA


The Carif Double Miter 260 BSA Saw is a very useful tool for any metal fab shop. By using the optional inbound and outbound roller tables one person can easily handle full lengths of materal. Material stays straight on the table and the saw head easily miters left or right for angle cuts. The heavy duty sealed pivot bearing is marked for easy reading of angles. 1.8 HP motor has two speeds for different types of material. Hydraulic system is used to adjust the feed rate, cutting pressure, and operate the vise. Cutting blade is kept cool by the recirculating coolant system for longer life. An adjustable stop is also included for cutting several pieces the same length.



  • Capacity: 10.2" W x 5.9" H 8.7" (Round)
  • Miter: 5.9" W x 5.9" left @ 45 Deg.
  • Miter: 4.7" W x 3.9" right @ 45 Deg.
  • Miter: 3.5" W x 2.4" left @ 60 Deg.
  • Blade: 8'0-1/2" x 1" x .035"
  • Motor: 1.8 HP
  • Operation: Semi Automatic
  • Patented Hydraulic System
  • Dual 45 Degrees Miter
  • One-Way 60 Degrees Miter
  • Adjustable Feed Rate & Cutting Pressure
  • Hydraulic Adjustable Vise
  • 2-Speed Motor
  • Hard-Stop Measuring Device
  • Moveable Control Console w/ 40" Umbilical
  • Rugged 3/16" Steel Base
  • Miter Scale
  • Heavy-Duty Sealed Pivot Bearing Point
  • Full Capacity Cutting Surface
  • Flood Coolant System
  • 220V 3-Phase Electrical Motor Requirement&a

    Part # 260BSA

    Price $8450.00